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2018 Summer Motorcycle Rides and Rallies

Added May 16, 2018
—There’s nothing like riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in the summer time. You fire up the engine, twist the throttle and think: if “cool” had a sound, it would be a V-twin. While the sun warms your face, the bike chugs, and the sound soothes your soul. You hug the road and you are one with the world. Anything is possible and everything is all right. 

When you’re soaking up the sun from your saddle this summer, don’t forget two opportunities to maximize your riding time: Ride 365 and the H.O.G.® Check- In. 

Harley-Davidson has launched Ride 365, a fun way for riders to track their mileage and engage in a friendly competition. Ride 365 includes the current Harley-Davidson Owners Group® (H.O.G®) Mileage Recognition program, as well as introduces a new annual mileage component for H.O.G.® members and chapters. The idea is to let every rider have a chance to start from zero every year and put new H.O.G.® members and veteran members on equal footing to earn those annual milestones and a chance at recognition.   

The annual mileage part of the Ride 365 will track miles during a calendar year, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, but you can register anytime at a Harley-Davidson® dealer. As you rack up the miles, you can earn recognition and rewards from H.O.G.® motorcycle group.  In addition, you’ll be able to track your mileage on There are no changes to the lifetime Mileage Recognition program; all miles logged in the annual program will count toward your lifetime goal.

The new chapter challenge element of Ride 365 will aggregate the total mileage of registered members in each H.O.G.® chapter for the calendar year. At the end of each year, Harley-Davidson will acknowledge chapters in two categories: highest total mileage and highest average mileage per member. 

And, not only can you track your miles this summer, you can “check-in” as well. The “H.O.G.® Check-in” is an expansion of the traditional H.O.G.® Pin Stop. But, the check-in program doesn’t eliminate the pin stop. At a H.O.G® check-In, you may still get a pin, but you might get a patch instead or the choice of a pin or a patch. You could also chose from a bandana or special poker chip, which could earn you a place on a ride of interest or a reception and party held for H.O.G.® members. By changing the name, H.O.G.® will be able to offer commemorative item options to its members and a variety of exclusive activities at key events. 

Following is an abbreviated list of the 2018 H.O.G.® check-ins that give you an opportunity to log your miles with Ride 365 and “check-in” for rewards. Check for updates and expansions. Tracking your miles and checking in along your destinations can help you to maximize your riding experience.   

April 25-28
Laughlin River Run
Laughlin, NV

May 27
Rolling Thunder
Washington D.C. 

June 9-17
Laconia Motorcycle Week
Laconia, NH

Jul 13-14
Hot Harley Nights
Sioux Falls, SD

Aug 4-11
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis, SD

Sept 26-29
Bikes, Blues and BBQ
Fayetteville, AR

Sept 27-29
Reno Street Vibrations
Reno, NV