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Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Insurance For Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Riders

Added May 24, 2021
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Riding your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is a heck of a lot more fun than buying motorcycle insurance, but insurance is a must for every rider. Most states require it. But, more importantly, if you own a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, you want to protect it. Who better than the people who built your bike to deliver the same quality in your motorcycle insurance? 

We understand that it’s not just a beautiful bike you want to maintain. It’s a way of life you want to preserve. The riding season is relatively short. If something happens to your ride in May, you could potentially be out of commission during the prime of the season. Say goodbye to Myrtle Beach and maybe even Sturgis. When the weather is nice and the roads wind, you don’t want to miss a minute. You want quality insurance that will keep you on the road. 

Roadside Assistance

Whether you ran out of gas and need roadside assistance or require a tow for more elaborate repairs, wherever you are, you can get your bike directly to one of Harley-Davidson’s army of dealers who can quickly assess the fixes needed for your bike and submit it to a certified technician for repairs. Or, you can file a claim online. You don’t need to wait for an adjuster to come to you, give you a quote, recommend technicians, etc. Nor do you need to worry about a chop shop using subpar parts on your pride and joy. 

Genuine Replacement Parts and Accessories

Not only do you want someone to fix your baby fast, but you also want him to get it right and to use Harley-Davidson® parts. You want your bike to be as authentic as the day you brought it home. And, we know that this goes for your accessories too. You carefully curate your accessories to make your bike unique to you and as comfortable and safe as possible. Things like saddlebags, exhausts and mufflers, backrests and racks, handlebars and grips, suspension, brakes and lighting can take your bike to the next level and are just as important to you as the engine. From wheels to mirrors, Harley-Davidson carves out insurance coverage specifically for accessories for a reason. We know how important they are to you and we believe they deserve their own coverage.      

Bottom Line on Harley-Davidson® Insurance

You want to stay on the road. And, you want your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle to stay a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. We want to help you make that happen. Harley-Davidson’s quality motorcycle insurance is designed to protect what you care about the most. Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles are unique and your motorcycle insurance should be uniquely Harley-Davidson.


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