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Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance discounts help grow our H.O.G. family

Added May 24, 2021

I know it might sound corny, but I love my job as a business manager at Harley-Davidson® of Montgomery. Every day I get to help people realize their dream of riding a motorcycle by pointing them to motorcycle insurance they can afford: Harley-Davidson® motorcycle insurance.

I believe in Harley-Davidson® motorcycle insurance because of the company’s attitude toward riders. While some insurance companies see riders as a liability, Harley-Davidson insurance sees them as an opportunity to grow the H-D family. They want to give riders the best deal possible, and it shows in their price.

Insurance Pricing

I see time and time again how Harley-Davidson offers a price other providers can't beat. I’ve experienced it in my own life in the two instances I’ve helped my husband shop for motorcycle insurance. And, I see how our customers are impacted. When you’re in a position to rack up the discounts, it can really knock the price down.

I had one customer who was so nervous he wouldn't be able to afford to ride after factoring in the cost of insurance. He was a millennial on a budget, and he was counting every dime. After getting a quote from another provider that would’ve knocked him out of the box, he was pacing around my office and sweating bullets. Being saddled with a hefty monthly payment would’ve meant the end of the road for his dream.

Insurance Discounts

Fortunately, he qualified for virtually every discount that Harley-Davidson offers. He was a volunteer firefighter, he was a homeowner, he had great credit, etc. By the time we tallied the discounts, including H.O.G. family membership, he got a quote that was affordable.

Insurance Coverages

Other customers with a bit more financial leeway have more options and save so much money with Harley-Davidson® Insurance, they top off their insurance policy with accessory coverage. (The trick is remembering you have it when you need it!) You can even opt for more expansive coverage that includes costs for repairs, paying the balance on your bike if it’s stolen or beyond repair, and assistance toward a replacement bike.

Bottom Line on Motorcycle Insurance

Obviously, motorcycle insurance isn’t the first thing people think of when they think of riding. I get it. Motorcycle insurance is hardly romantic, but it’s important. For a lot of people, being able to afford motorcycle insurance is the difference between hitting the open road and running into a roadblock. Even if you don’t own a Harley-Davidson, you’d be wise to consider Harley-Davidson® insurance.

Shannon Libbin is the business manager for Harley-Davidson of Montgomery.

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