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As riders, we’re a unique breed. Many of us have colorful backgrounds and amazing stories to tell. Here, we’ll showcase some of those experiences that make the motorcycle community so close-knit and fun.
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Introduced in 1919, if one were to list the most unusual motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson, the Sport model would have to be included. Learn more!
It took one Harley and three Davidsons to create a motorcycle brand that revolutionized transportation and America. Discover the history of Harley-Davidson.

23 February, 2023
After over a year of planning, the Harley-Davidson Museum opened its newly revitalized Experience Gallery. Learn more!

5 October, 2022
With an eye on introducing new markets to motorcycling, Harley-Davidson began to sell its own brand of bicycle. Learn more about the history of the H-D™ Bicycle.

8 December, 2021
Harley-Davidson learned early on that motorcycles with added cargo space opened up new markets. Discover the history and timeline of the Harley-Davidson® Trike.

7 December, 2021
Vivian embarked on a cross-country motorcycling trip that would make her one of the first great women riders. Learn More.

12 October, 2021
Learn how Harley-Davidson’s Juneau Avenue factory came to life as production increased from just over 1,000 motorcycles in 1909 to manufacturing 27,000 in 1920.

30 September, 2021
Alfonso Sotomayor was the first motorcyclist inducted into the Mexican Motorcycling Hall of Fame in 1978. Learn more about this “police officer stunt man”.

28 September, 2021
At a time when even the hardiest of men would think twice about a cross-country trip, Della traveled 5,378 miles across 10 states over 6 months. Learn more!

27 September, 2021
Thinking of sports, certain names come to mind. In dirt track motorcycle racing, in the 1920s and 30s, it was Joe Petrali. Learn more about this racing legend!

23 September, 2021