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The All-New Experience Gallery at the H-D Museum

Harley Davidson Museum Gallery

After over a year of planning, in 2022 the Harley-Davidson Museum opened its newly revitalized Experience Gallery. 

Featuring stories from current motorcyclists, this space is where the long history of Harley-Davidson is connected with contemporary expressions of riding. 

Experience Gallery Partners

Working in partnership with LUCI Creative, Ravenswood Studios, and Envoy for exhibit fabrication and media development, the gallery presents a unique guest engagement: a space within the Museum for riders and the curious non-rider to learn about the current brand, motorcycle culture, and the thrill of two-wheeled adventure. 

This gallery does not present traditional museum exhibits. Instead, the focus is on motorcyclists who are riding—and learning to ride—now.

Building on the rich history displayed throughout the museum, experience the present and glimpse the future of the Harley-Davidson brand.

Experience Gallery Features

The gallery occupies over 2,700 square feet. With 40-foot-high ceilings and prominent placement at the end of the gallery journey, here is the place where dreams about the possibilities of two-wheeled adventure are nurtured and shared. 

Interactive touchscreen monitors allow guests to delve into epic journeys that can only be experienced behind the bars of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. 

Hear stories of riders who have turned their dream of learning to ride into reality. 

Spend time learning about riding communities.

Immerse yourself in the culture of motorcycle customization

Be inspired by current riders—who you may even know.

Make a visit and throw a leg over a new Harley-Davidson #FreedomMachine. The reinstalled and all-new Experience Gallery shows the world how United We Ride! 

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