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As riders, we’re a unique breed. Many of us have colorful backgrounds and amazing stories to tell. Here, we’ll showcase some of those experiences that make the motorcycle community so close-knit and fun.
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Introduced in 1919, if one were to list the most unusual motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson, the Sport model would have to be included. Learn more!
Women riders continue to be a force and are now represented by many groups. Discover how the “Harley Fox” exemplifies women rider growth in the 80’s.

4 August, 2021
The history of motorcycle camping dates back to the beginning of the last century and Harley-Davidson® motorcycles played an important role. Learn more!

3 August, 2021
Winter road warriors are just fine with the fact that most riders park their bikes in storage for the winter. It means more open road for them. According to the members of the Polar Bear Motorcycle Grand Tour, clear, open spaces are one of many advantages of winter riding. Learn all the reasons why hitting the road to stave off the winter blues beats surfing the sofa all winter.

25 May, 2021
You know how it feels to ride. It’s an incredible and indescribable mixture of exhilaration and ease. It’s like an awake calm. Harley-Davidson recently commissioned researchers to see if they could put their finger on that feeling. Is it possible to scientifically prove that riding a motorcycle creates calm and happiness?

25 May, 2021
Displayed as a memorial to those who lost their lives when the tsunami struck Japan, learn more about the Harley-Davidson that traveled by sea from Japan to Canada.

12 March, 2021
Today, it’s called off-roading. Back then it was just riding. Learn more about the Harley-Davidson® motorcycles designed for rough roads and the people that rode them.

4 March, 2021
The 1910s were exhilarating times for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and photographers were there to play a key role in this rapid growth. Learn more!

10 February, 2021
It has been 50 years since Cal Rayborn’s record-setting Bonneville run in 1970. Learn more about his path to setting the motorcycle land speed record.

3 February, 2021
This highly detailed Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® LEGO® set is a perfect Christmas idea for any motorcycle rider.

16 December, 2020