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MAMA TRIED®: Bringing it Together at the H-D Museum

Mama Tried Installation at Harley Davidson Museum

If it’s February, it’s cold in Milwaukee. With snow and ice piled high, riding motorcycles may not be top of mind, but it is a perfect time to be inspired by Wisconsin’s premier custom bike show, Mama Tried®. 

At the Harley-Davidson Museum we are celebrating the annual party with a new exhibit, “Mama Tried: Bringing It Together.” 

No Mama Tried® weekend would be complete without its partner event, Flat Out Friday. Racers come from all over to test their mettle in one of the few indoor flat-track races in the United States. 

Anyone can participate. 

You – yes, you! – can jump on a bike and see if you have what it takes on the Dr. Pepper syrup-coated track in a beginner-friendly class where fun is more important than who takes the checkered flag.

Bringing Milwaukee

The Mama Tried® show brings the best to the hometown of Harley-Davidson. Founders Warren Heir and Scott Johnson wanted Milwaukee to be more than a backdrop for Mama Tried events, so they infused the show with the city’s culture. 

Everything from the venue choices to the original logo design are inspired by local history.

Bringing The People

While you might expect motorcycles to be the most important part, here, people and personalities are valued more. The show brings old friends together, connects strangers, and introduces the next generation to the possibilities of motorcycle customization.

Scott and Warren work diligently to bring people together. World-class bike builders, the best of moto photographers, and curious spectators gather under one roof for the Mama Tried show. 

There are a hundred bikes, but hundreds more people talking about the custom machines over cold drinks, trading tall tales, and grabbing balloons for the kids. You don’t need a doctorate in bikes to enjoy the Mama Tried show; you just need to enjoy meeting new friends. 

Bringing The Community Together

Mama Tried Motorcycle Show is a local show with global reach. Riders and builders bring bikes from all over the world to the event.

More than that, it’s a blending of different moto cultures. Sport bike aficionados, chopper enthusiasts, off-road adventurers, and more all come together to create a killer gas, oil and electric cocktail.

This mixture gives the show its magic. It’s a genuine community gathering. In this swirl of the local, national, and international moto-communities coming together, old friendships are reinvigorated, new friendships are forged, and everyone has a good time. 

“Mama Tried: Bringing It Together” is on view at the Harley-Davidson Museum until January 2025.

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