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Ten reasons to buy motorcycle insurance from Harley-Davidson

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Did you know that Harley-Davidson offers motorcycle insurance directly to riders?

Many riders don't, says Bob Vogel, who works in sales for Z & M Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson offers insurance that is custom-designed with the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle rider in mind.

Once riders find out about Harley-Davidson Insurance Services, they are often sold on signing up—and here are ten reasons why:

1. Ride right out the door with real-time estimates

Getting a quote from Harley-Davidson Insurance Services couldn't be any easier. 

When you're ready to purchase your new pride and joy, the estimate for your insurance is printed alongside your sales slip. Then, your H-D sales associate immediately connects you to an insurance rep to seal the deal so that you can hit the road. 

Bing. Bam. Boom. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Customer service that feels like family

The customer service for Harley-Davidson® Insurance is impeccable. You can't beat the professionalism, instant access, and the thoroughness. You can tell the reps are committed to providing a stellar product, and they are proud of what they're bringing to the table. 

3. An insurance provider that understands you

The people who work at Harley-Davidson Insurance Services are riders like you—and they know the bikes. You won't hear them asking what security systems your bike has or whether it has chrome. 

Harley-Davidson built the bike. Harley-Davidson Insurance Services knows how to insure it.

4. Deep discounts that encourage you to ride

Who has more incentive to get you on your motorcycle than the manufacturer and the people behind it who share your passion? Harley-Davidson sees insurance as a means to fulfill your dreams. That's why they offer generous discounts.

Anything from being a homeowner to having good credit to graduating from the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy can earn you discounts. It's good to be considered family.

5. Harley-Davidson Insurance Services keeps the same hours as the dealer

If you're buying a bike on the weekend, which is typical, you likely won't have access to your local insurance agent and will need to call the national office to get insurance before you can leave with your bike. 

Some insurance companies don't keep weekend hours. 

Harley-Davidson Insurance Services will connect you instantly to an insurance agent, getting you out the door and on the road faster.

6. You can insure almost any type of motorcycle

Harley Davidson provides insurance for every bike that they make and even optional coverage for any additions you may make to your ride. Just make sure to check with Harley before making any repairs or changes since some may void your policy or warranty. 

However, Harley won't offer coverage for the following types of bikes:

  • Kit/homemade, non-factory built, or composite
  • Bike where the original frame has been replaced
  • State-assigned Bikes
  • VIN Rebuilt or retitled motorcycles

7. You can get a discount just for being a homeowner

It takes a lot to own a home! 

You need to have good credit, enough money for a down payment, and a stable career. That hard work should be recognized, and that's why H-D offers a discount to those who have their own abode. 

Plus, if you've proven yourself to be dependable, so we can depend on you too. 

8. You can get coverage for your scooter or moped

If it was worth your money, it's worth insuring. Don't think that because your vehicle isn't a motorcycle, H-D won't offer you a policy. 

Scooters and mopeds are eligible too, and that's good news for those who depend on their scoots and peds for transportation and joy.

9. You’ll be covered in the event of theft

If your bike was worth your time, money, and adoration, then you bet it may catch the eye of a thief. Luckily, H-D has you covered if your beloved ends up in the hands of another. 

And the same comprehensive insurance that protects you from theft also protects you in the event of fire and vandalism.

10. You’ll be covered even if they’re not.

Not everyone's a law-abiding citizen. Insurance can have your back if you're injured by someone who lacks insurance or has insufficient coverage. Just sign up for our uninsured or underinsured motorist plans. 

You could also check if an uninsured motorist property damage plan is offered in your state.

Wrapping Up

Like an open road and a sunny day, Harley-Davidson® bikes and Harley-Davidson® Insurance go great together. It's a match-up that makes perfect sense. 
Get a quote online and see for yourself.

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