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How to Make Your Motorcycle Insurance More Affordable

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Many motorcycle riders, especially new ones, are worried about finding the lowest motorcycle insurance rates possible. Still, there are many ways to make your coverage more affordable without sacrificing integral parts of your policy.

At Harley-Davidson® Insurance Services, we offer a wide range of discounts for every type of rider profile. 

Here are a few easy ways that any rider can save on motorcycle insurance coverage with Harley-Davidson® Insurance, no matter what bike you ride or what kind of coverage you need.

Here are 16 Savings Options on Motorcycle Insurance

1. New Bike Discount

If you decide to ditch the used bike for the shiny, new high-end bike, you'll save some money with our new vehicle discount, no matter if it's a touring bike, sports bike, or cruiser. 

While it may be a more expensive bike, you can at least offset the price with lower insurance. 

2. Motorcycle Endorsement Discount

You may qualify for an additional discount if you have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license from completing an approved riding class and certifying that on your driver’s license.

Be aware, however, depending on which state you live in, it may be necessary to certify the class completion on your driver’s license to be recognized with the state and qualify for the discount.

3. Experienced Rider Discount

We trust experience in a motorcycle rider. 

You've been in the game for a while and know how things work. Your experience may translate to more affordable coverage depending on the insurance carrier. 

What's better than saving money with more motorcycle riding? 

4. Clean Driving Record

Similar to your experience, your riding history also matters. Save on your motorcycle insurance policy by proving you are a responsible driver. 

A clean driving record is worth its weight in gold for most insurance companies, and a less-than-stellar driving record will cost you.

Your clean record, free of tickets, and of insurance claims will mean more affordable motorcycle insurance costs.

5. Homeownership Discount

If you own a house, condo, townhouse, mobile home, or modular home you might qualify for additional savings on your bike insurance with a home ownership discount. 

6. Prompt Payer Discount

If you make all your payments on time, you may have just found an easy way to find lower premiums when you renew your policy.

7. Paid-in-Full Discount

Switching to an annual instead of a monthly payment plan is often another way to find the lowest rates for your policy, even if you've already maxed out your savings. 

If you can't put up the money all at once, opt for the automatic payment option that might lower the average monthly cost.

8. Claim-free Renewal Discount

When you renew your motorcycle policy, we'll give you a discount if you weren't at fault for any incidents, nor did you have any Comprehensive claims paid by the company for $500 or more during the previous policy period. 

This is because we want all riders to be safe and we think that the cost of motorcycle insurance should reflect your hard work and safe riding.

9. Bundled Protection Discount

Sometimes you need more coverage.

Harley-Davidson Insurance® offers a motorcycle insurance discount when you purchase add-on Harley-Davidson Financial Services protection products like planned maintenance, GAP insurance, Extended Service Plan, etc. 

However, not all of these programs qualify for a discount from other insurance companies. 

The more complete your bike protection is, the more you could save.

10. Anti-Theft Discount

You don't want your bike to get stolen. We don't either. 

Get an anti-theft discount when using theft-deterrent devices. Just be sure to check with your insurance professional to understand which devices may qualify for a discount.

Theft deterrents keep your replacement costs down and your motorcycle insurance company may reward you with a discount. In some cases this discount applies only when you have Comprehensive coverage on your policy.

If you ride the types of motorcycles that are most often stolen, you may save even more money by switching to another ride.

11. Military and Law Enforcement Discount

Serve in the military? Work in law enforcement? 

Active or retired, we appreciate your service. Let us say "thanks" by offering you a discount on your motorcycle insurance premiums! 

Find out more about a more affordable price for the same level of coverage.

12. Multi-Cycle Discount

Own more than one motorcycle? Look who's living the good life. 

And now you benefit even more with a multi-vehicle discount when insuring more than one bike with us. Upgrade your single-bike policy with another ride and get a multi-cycle discount.

Standard motorcycle and vintage bike riders rejoice. More motorcycles may mean lower coverage pricing for your insurance plan.

13. Loyalty Discount

Adding another bike that is less than 4 years old and newer than your current one? 

Have you been a Harley-Davidson® Insurance customer for more than a year? 

If you said yes, save money with our loyalty discount no matter what type of motorcycle you choose to add to the stable.

14. Motorcycle Training or Safety Course Discount

New to riding? No sweat. When you take the H-D™ Riding Academy New Rider Course, you'll get the skills to ride and get a motorcycle safety course discount. 

Complete another training or safety class in the last five years? That may also qualify you for a discount on your motorcycle coverage. Every safety course shows that you are a responsible rider who takes skill (and safety) seriously to insurance providers.

15. Rider Group or Association Discount

Member of a motorcycle association or riding club? Military veteran or current member of the armed forces?
During the quote process, ask which rider groups are on the list. Whether it's a club for a riding style, state-specific, or a specific type of motorcycle, with us, you will enjoy a lower cost if the group is on the list.

This includes being a member of the Harley Owners Group® (H.O.G.®).

16. Location 

If you struggle to keep pricing down at the coverage level you need, moving or relocating may change the pricing on your policy. New locations may have different legal minimums for coverage, and motorcycle theft might be lower, which could translate to more affordable motorcycle insurance policies. 

If you are curious about your motorcycle insurance options, call one of our licensed agents today to see how you can get the cheapest rates on your annual premium. 

We offer a broad range of motorcycle insurance discounts for all types of bikes. 

Choose the Range of Coverages that Fit Your Riding Style

One of the best ways to find an affordable policy is to choose the suitable types of coverages for your riding. For example, some riders need robust, year-round coverage with all the bells and whistles beyond minimum state-required coverages.

Insurance is about risk tolerance and choosing what is right for your needs to ensure that you and your passengers are safe. Some additional coverage options are necessary for certain riders, and some aren't.

Make sure you are protected from property damage, bodily injury, trip interruption (nothing worse than a mishap disrupting a long trip!), uninsured drivers, stolen personal property like riding gear, rental reimbursements, and more with the right policy coverages.

Speak to an agent to see what balance of affordable options and needs is right for you. 

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