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Ride in High Style and Safely with a Harley-Davidson® Helmet

Added May 15, 2018
Four motorcycle helmets
There’s a lot to consider when shopping for a motorcycle helmet: purpose, fit, weather, style and price. It takes time to find the helmet you feel was made for you. 

First, you have to try them on. You can’t simply rely on the seller’s description, unless you already know exactly what you want. Finding the right fit is crucial, both in terms of safety and comfort. 

Three Types of Helmets to Consider

Having three basic types of helmets to choose from gives you a ton of options: Full-face helmet; open-face 3/4 helmet, and the half helmet.

You might feel safer in a full-face helmet because it covers more of your face and head. However, it might not be the helmet for you if you’re claustrophobic or you want a breezier riding experience. 

A 3/4 helmet extends over your neck and ears and offers more protection than a half helmet. This airy half helmet is sometimes called a “skull cap” and sits light on your head.

Consider your own needs when balancing safety vs. comfort. For example, if you live in a high-humidity state, you might want a ¾ or half helmet that weighs a lot less, but it won’t cover as much, which means less protection. Or, maybe safety is more important to you and you opt for the full-face with less ventilation. Do you ride on country roads without much traffic, from cars or deer? Then the half helmet might work.  

Fit is the foundation of finding the right sized helmet. You don’t want your helmet too loose because it could slide down and obstruct your vision. A helmet that is too tight is literally a headache. Your helmet should touch your head, but not so hard so that it puts pressure on it.

Bandanas aren’t just for looking cool. They protect your helmet and prolong its life by preventing the lining from flaking. It’s a good idea to add a visor to shield your eyes from the sun. Harley-Davidson offers a variety of visors.

Once you’ve decided on the right size, what’s the right helmet for you?

Your high traffic option could be the black Harley-Davidson® Stinger B Full-Face Helmet (No. 3 in the photo shown with this article) that features custom matte and gloss stinger tank graphics. The retro visor adds to its authentic look. Your head and chin are completely covered, and an optional visor provides for full closure.

The Vintage Stripe B06 Full-face helmet (No. 1 in the photo shown with this article) comes in white. Studies have shown that use of a white helmet was associated with a lower risk of crash. So maybe the Vintage Stripe B06 Full-face helmet with bold stripes, ample venting, magnetic shield closure and contoured cheek pads is the model for you.

A nice compromise between the heavier full-face helmet and the lighter half face helmet is the Harley-Davidson® Retro Flame B01 3/4 Helmet in bright red (No. 4 in the photo shown with this article). The slick, glossy shell features Wide Glide® motorcycle tank graphics. It covers your face and chin but is lighter in weight. 

For bikers who want a light and carefree ride this half helmet is probably for you. The lightest shell Fire Breather Ultra-Light J02 Half Helmet (No. 2 in the photo shown with this article) comes with a chin strap that will keep your hat in place. You’ll love the design because it really pops. People will surely see you coming!

There are a variety of helmets to consider, in different shapes and sizes, as well as helmets with removable linings and visors. Visit Harley-Davidson Helmets for a full gallery of helmets, replacement parts, and accessories.

Choose the right helmet for safety – and style. Don’t stint and buy a cheap helmet. It won’t last long or offer you the protection you want and forget about any sense of style. 

You’ve chosen your bike and riding gear with great care. Be sure any helmet you buy measures up to your standards.

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