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Trike Insurance

Harley-Davidson has three trikes in their model line-up. You’ll need insurance no matter what trike brand or model you ride.

That’s why Harley-Davidson® Insurance is available for virtually all trike makes and models. We even offer insurance for rare and custom trikes.

Besides Harley-Davidson, below is a sample of other common trike motorcycle brands that we insure:

  • Can-Am
  • Honda
  • Piaggio
  • BMW

Start your fast, free online quote now get trike motorcycle insurance for as low as $12.50 per month!

Need more information before you begin your quote? With many different insurance policies, it takes time to know where to begin. Plus, the rules per state can make things confusing.

We’ll make sure you know everything about the different insurance plans available to you so that you can choose the best option.

What is a trike?

A trike motorcycle has three wheels (two in the rear and one in the front) instead of the traditional two.

A trike is typically heavier than a standard motorcycle weighing up to 700 lbs and boasting engines of 500cc and up.

Trike motorcycles are known for their long-distance riding comfort due to their upright riding position, storage capacity, and many opportunities to accessorize.

Do you need to insure your trike?

In the United States, most three-wheeled motorcycles require the same minimum liability coverage as a two-wheeled motorcycle to ride legally. However, the specific rules and regulations will depend on your state.

No matter what the insurance laws are in your area, having trike insurance is a wise investment. Here at Harley-Davidson Insurance, we’ll help ensure you have the right insurance plan that meets the requirements of your location.

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance can protect you up to the policy limits if you are found at fault for injuring another person or for damages to their property.

While this is typically the state’s minimum requirement, it is recommended to add optional coverage to be adequately insured. Options include collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Different types of three-wheeled insurance coverage

With Harley-Davidson Insurance, we have many additional coverages available to find the best policy for your trike motorcycle. Some of our more popular coverages include:

Bike Replacement Cost

Bike replacement cost

Rather than a depreciated value, if your trike is declared a total loss, Bike Replacement Cost coverage could replace your trike at its full value.

Icon of a shield with a check mark on it

Comprehensive coverage

As the name suggests, comprehensive coverage may protect you from trike repair costs whether or not you are found at fault. This coverage also protects against unexpected damages such as vandalism, theft, and fire.


Motorcycle helmet

Accessories insurance coverage

This Optional Equipment coverage may protect you for costs associated with covered losses or damages to non-factory standard equipment that you have added to your trike.


Full cost optional equipment replacement

If your motorcycle is a total loss and your optional equipment also needs to be replaced, you may be covered for the full value of that equipment.

How much will it cost to insure your trike?

Research online will provide you with a wide range of potential insurance costs for your trike. Ultimately, your quote will depend on several different factors. 

Factors influencing trike insurance cost

  • Age - Your age and how much experience you have on the roads can influence your quote.
  • Coverage type - Plans range from only liability to comprehensive coverage, with everything in-between. The more inclusive your insurance plan is the more expensive your insurance premium will be. 

Icon of a dollar sign with a circle around it   Learn more about our money-saving discounts on trike insurance.

Tips when taking out trike insurance

We’ve helped many riders to get the insurance plan they need. Below are our top five tips to help you secure the right policy fit for your needs and save money.

  1. Add additional riders - If anyone else is riding your trike regularly you’ll need to disclose this while getting a quote. 
  2. Pay yearly instead of monthly to save money - If you’re able to pay yearly instead of monthly, it’s a good idea to do so as many insurers will offer a discount. 
  3. Find out if you qualify for any insurance discounts - You may be able to secure a discount if your bike has safety features or you’ve taken an approved safety course.
  4. Know the year, model, and make of your trike before starting your quote - Make sure you have all your information ready before starting your quote so that you get the most accurate offer. 
  5. Disclose any modifications or enhancements you’ve made to your trike - If you’ve made any enhancements, be honest. Your policy could be invalid if you fail to disclose relevant information.

Why pick Harley Davidson® Insurance for trike insurance?

There are several reasons why Harley Davidson Insurance makes sense:

Icon of wrenches

We insure most motorcycles

We also insure motorcycles 25 years and older and customized bikes.

Icon of a dollar sign with a circle around it

We offer a wide range of discounts

We’re delighted to offer several discounts, including military/law enforcement discounts and multi-bike discounts.


We insure most trikes and motorcycles

Despite our name, we have a long history of insuring most motorcycle brands, models, and types.

Motorcycle icon

We offer motorcycle accident forgiveness.

If you’re involved in an incident your insurance rates won’t automatically rise with Harley Davidson® Insurance.

Icon of a medical page

We have a wide range of coverage options

Our goal is to help you find the best  trike policy.

FAQ about trike insurance

  • Are trikes considered motorcycles?

    According to the NHTSA, if a motor vehicle has a seat (or saddle) and fewer than four wheels, it is classified as a motorcycle.

  • Is it legal to ride a trike without a helmet?

    Because most states consider trikes a motorcycle, the helmet use and eye protection laws will depend on the state you are riding.

What types of motorcycles are covered with Harley-Davidson insurance

Harley Davidson Bike Icon Touring

Touring bikes

Designed to provide a comfortable experience for riders on long-distance trips.

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Harley Davidson Bike Icon Cruiser


A popular type of motorcycle known for its V-twin engine and full-view design.

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Harley Davidson Bike Icon Sport

Sport bikes

Commonly referred to as street bikes, these are designed for speed and agility.

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