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At Harley-Davidson Insurance Services, our top priority is protecting you and your bike—especially when you’re out riding. Check out these motorcycle safety tips aimed at riders of all skill levels, from selecting the right helmet to helping prevent theft.
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Discover essential tips for riding a motorcycle safely in dense fog or foggy conditions. Learn about the unique challenges and how to prepare for your ride.
A motorcycle rider’s best defense is to take active measures to make themselves more visible. Here are a few ways to become more visible on the road.

6 September, 2023
Discover the essential motorcycle hand signals you need to know to communicate effectively with other vehicle operators when riding. Learn more!

7 July, 2023
Poor visibility and potential fatigue when riding a motorcycle at night present unique safety challenges. Increase the safety of your night rides with these tips.

3 July, 2023
A motorcycle helmet is arguably the single most important piece of safety gear. Discover the nuances between helmet types and tips for finding the right size.

30 November, 2022
As the summer winds down, many motorcyclists are still out at dusk. Unfortunately, this is also when deer are most active. Here’s how you can stay safe!

12 September, 2022
Knowledge (and practice) are influential for teenage motorcyclists. These motorcycle safety tips are essential for new and young riders. Learn more!

27 June, 2022
Winter is gaining on us once again. With everything from detachable windshields to heated gear, the right accessories can help you face the elements. Learn more!

14 October, 2021
The Litas is blowing up. In a short four years, the women’s motorcycle community has grown to 8,000 strong and spans 30 countries and 250 cities. Women around the world are tapping into their love of motorcycles to break down their walls, face their fears, and live their most authentic lives. Find out why The Litas is one of the most popular women’s riding groups storming the open road.

25 May, 2021
If you’re not appropriately dressed, riding in the rain can be a miserable experience. Here’s everything you need to know about motorcycle rain gear!

6 May, 2021