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What is the best motorcycle rain gear?

A row of motorcycles in the rain

When you’re out on the road, being prepared for any sudden outbursts can mean the difference between a bad journey and a great adventure.

To a novice motorcyclist, riding in the rain can be a very scary thought.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Won’t I get soaked? 

But to an experienced rider, being on the road when the weather turns wet can seem like no big deal. It’s all about understanding the adjustments you need to make to keep the fun going.

Dress for Success with Wet Weather Riding Gear

Let’s start the discussion by acknowledging a simple fact: if you’re not dressed properly, riding in the rain can be a miserable experience.

Getting soaked on your motorcycle can make you cold and uncomfortable, which not only dampens the fun but can also distract you from focusing on the road – at a time when being sharp is extra important. 

To help you remain dry and alert, a good rain suit (rain pants and a rain jacket) provides basic protection from the elements for your upper and lower body. These days you can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials, bearing a wide range of price tags.

Some of the options available on motorcycle rain gear include: 

  • reflective piping
  • PVC backing
  • elasticized waist and elastic cuffs
  • Velcro closure
  • soft polyester
  • boot stirrup
  • waterproof boots
  • waterproof gloves

When it’s you versus the elements, you need waterproof technology you can trust. Harley-Davidson® official Rain Gear is both windproof and waterproof, giving you what you need, whatever the weather.

All H-D® rain gear is made from fully waterproof fabrics, meaning you are protected from the rain and don’t overheat from the layers. H-D rain gear also includes heat-resistant shields on inner legs of the rain pants.

One-piece rain suit

A one-piece wet weather suit provides better overall coverage because there’s no ‘seam’ between your rain pants and your rain jacket.

Two-piece rain suit

A two-piece suit offers excellent flexibility. Often, you’ll find that just your rain jacket or your trousers is all the coverage you’ll need.

High-priced rain suits

Higher-priced rain gear, like the FXRG rain paint, will often offer greater breathability, which can make a big difference when it’s wet and warm.

High-visibility rain gear

A proper rain suit will also help enhance your visibility to other motorists. High-visibility clothing is especially important in the rain, and most rain gear is designed with that in mind, with bright colors or reflective piping.

In fact, throwing on your rain jacket is an excellent way to enhance your visibility at night in any weather.

Harley-Davidson uses 3M Scotchlite reflective material. This reflective material returns a higher percentage of light back to the original light source, so the headlights from night-time traffic reflect from your rain suit back to the driver – it is an incredible 1,500 times brighter than moonlight. 3M technology covers 360 degrees of the riding gear.

Waterproof riding boots

Waterproof all-weather motorcycle boots are a great option any time, as they eliminate the need to stop and change your boots when it gets wet.

Waterproof gaiters, which slip over your motorcycle boot, are also great to keep handy. In a pinch, slipping a plastic bag over your sock inside your boot is a great way to keep your feet dry, if not your boots! (Tip: stuff your boots with newspaper overnight to help dry them out from the inside.)

Bottom Line on Motorcycle Rain Gear

Again, staying comfortable is the key. How far you go in ‘rain proofing’ yourself may depend on the circumstances. If you’re on your way home and it starts raining, you may not mind your jeans getting a little wet if it’s warm out.

In that sense, a little water never hurt anybody, and you can always change into dry clothes when you get home.

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