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Outsmart Old Man Winter with heated gear

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If you want to measure how satisfied riders are with their motorcycles, ask them about comfort. According to a Consumer Reports survey, comfort and satisfaction go hand-in-hand—and Harley-Davidson riders are overwhelmingly satisfied. 

Since comfort is key to enjoying a ride, most riders park their bikes in storage for the winter—but they don’t have to. Not only does Harley-Davidson make comfortable bikes, they produce an array of heated gear to make riding in the winter satisfying.

What Are the Best Pieces of Heated Motorcycle Gear?

Paired with a helmet liner, you can use the following items to stay toasty from head to toe and forget the notion of an off-season: 

  1. Heated pants: Harley-Davidson’s® Heated 12V Pant Liner features a built-in temperature controller on the leg with three heat settings. Engineered for a simple connection to the bike's 12V electrical system, the Built-In Temperature Controller manages a three-panel heating system—one on each leg and one back waist.  
  2. Heated glove liners: With heating technology on the back of the hand and running along the inside of the fingers, these glove liners give every digit a thermal hug.
  3. Heated gloves: Aside from the heating technology, these men's heated motorcycle gloves also feature waterproof leather, power-stretch knuckles, reflectivity, and much more. If you get caught in the snow, you’re covered.
  4. Heated socks liner: Stop foot freeze before it even starts with H-D™ Heated One-Touch 12V Sock Liner. This high-tech innovation features unique infrared technology for deep heat.
  5. Heated jacket liner: The built-in temperature controller of this heated jacket liner offers three heat settings and three heat panels to keep your upper body wrapped in warmth. Keeping the heat from escaping your core is critical to cruising in comfort when it’s painfully cold.
  6. Heated grips: Sometime gloves alone don’t cut it. Keep comfortable on those cool mornings or frigid night rides with these heated grips. You’ll have to work to remove your old ones, but you’ve got this! 
  7. One-touch programmable set: If you want a “one and done” approach to shopping for wireless gear, you can opt for H-D™ comprehensive one-touch programmable system. You can control the temp, programming the pants and jacket separately.

Does Heated Motorcycle Gear Impact the Motorcycle’s Battery?

Keep in mind it’s possible to overload your vehicle's charging system by adding too many electrical accessories. If the number of accessories operating at any one time uses more electrical current than the motorcycle's charging system can produce, you may drain the battery and cause damage to the electrical system. See an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer for advice about how much current additional electrical accessories use and whether wiring changes are needed.

Bottom Line on Heated Gear for your Bike

With the advancements in heated gear technology, you won’t face an off-season. And with the money you save in winter storage, you can invest in a complete heated gear set. Beat the winter blues this season by hitting the road and thumbing your nose at Old Man Winter.

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