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A Fat Boy® LEGO® Motorcycle That Fits Snugly Under the Tree

Harley Davidson motorcycle made of Legos

Legos are truly for children of all ages, providing entertainment that adults can enjoy as much as kids. That’s why the LEGO® movies have been such a hit.

It’s no surprise, then, that when LEGO® teamed up with Harley-Davidson, they created something for everyone. After all, a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is the dream bike for children of all ages.

About the LEGO® Creator Expert Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®

The result of this partnership is a hyper-realistic LEGO® interpretation of the Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle. The finished bike has a Milwaukee-Eight® engine with moving pistons, handlebars that turn, gearshift and brake levers that move, and a side stand that flips down for easy parking.

As far as the nuts and bolts are concerned:

  • The LEGO® item number #10269 (if you are buying on, the part number is 98718-20VX)
  • Recommended for boys and girls aged 16+
  • 1,023 LEGO® pieces
  • Measures 7” high, 7” wide and 12” long

But the finer details provide much more of the magic of the real-life machine. Below are a few additional highlights and product details that make the Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® LEGO® motorcycle an expert creator’s dream:

  • The Milwaukee-Eight® engine pistons moving when the tires are given a spin
  • The authentic dark red and black color scheme
  • The speedometer mounted on the fuel tank
  • The iconic teardrop fuel tank with printed Harley-Davidson emblems
  • Solid-disc Lakester wheels with beefy tires

LEGO® Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® Building Set Reviews

The Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® has already been met with rave reviews from fans of both LEGO® and Harley-Davidson with 94% of customers on recommending the product.

“My husband and grandchildren love it,” wrote one customer on the Harley-Davidson® page. “They spent time together putting [it] together, then playing. Perfect gift for both. Both would like another set.”

“Great fun for my Grandson and me,” wrote another Harley-Davidson customer,” All-day to assemble with the help of a 6-year-old.”

A more in-depth review comes courtesy of Jay’s Brick Blog, officially recognized as a Registered LEGO® Fan Media. “I have to commend Mike Psiaki and his team for actually pulling this set off and using what are mostly conventional LEGO® elements (as opposed to Technic) to mimic the Harley-Davidson’s shape so well,” writes Jay.

This is not faint praise from Jay, who’s been reviewing LEGO® sets online for nearly ten years.

“I was engaged throughout the build,” Jay continues, “and it kept me guessing all the way, as to how the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle would take shape, and it’s the most fun I’ve had building a LEGO® set in a while.”

How to Buy the LEGO® Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy®

While temporarily out of stock on LEGO’s official website, you can get the Fat boy® directly from Harley-Davidson® for the sale price of $64.99 for a limited time. This is less than the $99.99 the set goes for on both and

This way, the LEGO® Creator Expert Harley-Davidson® Fat Boy® motorcycle fits snugly under your tree without making a dent in your wallet or requiring a motorcycle insurance policy. Then you can admire the bike on your mantle.

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