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The Best Christmas Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

Added November 22, 2022
Black Harley Davidson leather jacket

With the holiday season around the corner, you’ll want to give the perfect gift to all the motorcycle lovers in your life.

You can’t go wrong with a cool gift from the official Harley-Davidson® store. A bike is a precious possession, and every accessory will be used, first by putting a smile on the recipient’s face and then making their next ride better.

1. For the Motorcycle Rider Who Wants to Stay Connected

Ensure your smartphone is within easy reach with this handlebar phone mount. This standard cradle places your phone or music device close to the motorcycle’s hand controls for easy access.

Now you can access GPS, music, contacts, and more.

This is an ideal motorcycle gift for those who want to stay connected.

2. For the Motorcycle Lover Who Enjoys Long Rides

Nothing's worse than a trip undone by a dead battery. Well, this portable battery pack may just save their trip.

You get up to 20 starts on a single charge and can also charge USB devices. It also features a built-in 100-lumen flashlight with high, low, and stopping SOS modes.

These reasons make the portable battery pack a great stocking stuffer that’s sure to get plenty of use, and if it bails out the recipient, you’ll be a gift-giving hero.

3. For the Motorcycle Lover Who Appreciates Leather

Give an iconic gift with a motorcycle jacket, and you might earn yourself a recurring role in the recipient’s daily wardrobe.

With the gift of a leather jacket, you’ll keep your loved ones comfortable and cool.

This significant gift idea may require a trip to your favorite Harley-Davidson® store or browsing the website together, but it’s worth being a little sneaky if it means giving the gift of a lifetime.

Of course, selecting leather is a big choice for any motorcycle fanatic. If you are worried about selecting, you could always purchase a gift card, enabling the recipient to pick the leather gear they like the most.

4. For the Motorcycle Rider Who’s Not Afraid of the Cold

Rides can become a drag when the gift-giving season comes with a cold front. But with the correct covering, hopping on the bike becomes a delight again.

Your recipient will sing, “Joy to the world, my face is warm!” once you get this cold weather face mask.

5. For the Rider That Doesn’t Mind Motorcycle Maintenance

A detail kit is a practical gift and an excellent opportunity to bond with or do something nice for the recipient. 

Nevertheless, given the pride and joy of cleaning a bike, they might want to clean their bikes themselves with this detail kit rather than it being a joint activity.

Either way, this detail kit is an excellent choice for anyone who owns a motorcycle. Whether on the street for all to see or in private, with your favorite tunes playing in the background, this detail kit will make the chrome shine!

6. For the Motorcyclist Who Loves Riding Gear

Everyone needs gloves. And with so many options, Harley-Davidson® has gloves for everyone.

Motorcycle gloves provide extra comfort and grip for your rider. And, since they’ll be using your gift during every ride, it’s like you’ll be their constant companion.

Of course, when purchasing gloves for a motorcycle rider, you should not only consider their style and appearance. You also need to ensure they fit correctly, provide as much coverage as possible, and are made to last.

7. For the Biker Who Parks on the Street

Helmets protect your noggin, but helmets need protecting too.

With a motorcycle helmet lock, riders can enjoy their destination without worrying about their helmets getting stolen or misplaced.

They can relax at their destination, whether it’s popping into the convenience store for some snacks or parking in the long rows of bikes at Sturgis

After all, the last thing you want to do is return from a lovely event with your family to discover that your motorcycle helmet (or bike) has been stolen.

8. For the Motorcyclist Who Stores Their Bike in the Off-Season

With a battery tender, your battery is never unattended. This is one of those gifts people do not realize they need until they have one. 

A battery tender can help prevent overcharging your battery during the off-season or just between rides.

If their bike is stored for the winter, your gift recipient may even put this gift to use the day they get it. 

9. For the Motorcycle Enthusiast Who Doesn’t Mind the Rain

Rain can ruin a ride, but not if you’ve got this rain gear with your bike.

And it makes a great holiday gift.

Specialized rain gear has been designed with motorcycle owners in mind so that you can be sure of ease of movement and longevity. 

The recipient will get plenty of use out of this type of gift throughout the year.

10. For the Superstitious Motorcycle Owner

Ride bells are a great stocking stuffer because they allegedly ward off mischievous road gremlins who ruin rides. 

Ride bells keep these Evil Road Spirits at bay, and their luck is even more powerful when given as a gift.


11. For the Motorcyclist that Road Trips with a Riding Buddy

If you need tunes, directions, to take a call, or to use the push-to-talk intercom with a fellow bike rider, then a Bluetooth headset in your helmet is ideal.

With a microphone and speakers with high-quality sound, your communications will come through crystal clear.

The Bluetooth headset is an excellent gift for rides of any length, for someone going cross-country, or if you need your theme song blasting when you pull up to your friend’s place.

12. For the Ultimate Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Lover

Ever gone on a great trip? If so, you will know just how important it is to have something to remember it by!

An official Harley-Davidson® shirt from a local dealership store is ideal for any Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

Or, maybe, you’re planning your next adventure and want to surprise your favorite rider. This is an excellent opportunity to give a Harley-Davidson® shirt from dealerships around the world.

Bottom Line on Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

Motorcyclists are passionate about riding, so their best Christmas gift ideas capture that same spirit.

Whether it’s for the biker who longs for the next ride or the motorcycle lover who prefers to stay home and detail their classic motorcycle, a gift from Harley-Davidson is sure to be the gift they want.

Even if you’re not a rider, keep that passionate and independent vibe in mind when shopping, and you’ll find something that will rev their motor.

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