Winter motorcycle gear
October 14, 2021

For most of us, the winter is gaining on us once again, threatening an end to our riding season. Don't worry – there are Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories (and motorcycle apparel and gear) designed to help you extend your time in the saddle in the colder months.

With detachable windshields, heated grips, and stylish saddle bags, the right accessories are out there to help you extend your ride.


Extend your riding season and combat the cold with our heated motorcycle gear.

Designed to keep you warm as a full-body solution, the Harley-Davidson® Heated Gear relies on a fully programmable Wireless Wrist Controller to easily adjust the temperature of the jacket liner, glove liner, pant liner and socks with just one touch.

Between the seven large heating pads (two chest, two back, one in each sleeve and one neck) on the jacket liner and the nearly head-to-toe coverage with the addition of heated pant liner, glove liners and socks, this full-body cold-weather solution is the perfect option for the long-haul, year-round rider.

With power drawn from the motorcycle's 12V DC power supply, there's no shortage of power no matter how long the ride.


Warm hands have a major impact on your overall body comfort and sometimes gloves just aren’t enough. Our thermostatically controlled grips have variable heat settings and automatic temperature monitoring to adjust to changing ambient temperatures.

The grips remain at a constant temperature regardless of changes in outside temperatures, and the self-contained control circuit and control knob means there are no additional switches or controller boxes to mount. Also, the grips are switched on or off with the ignition to avoid draining the battery, and the ‘glueless’ grip design allows removal of the grips for servicing without damage.

Ask your dealer about the different styles, which come in several sizes to fit all Harley-Davidson® models.


If you’re doing a bit of touring, make sure you invest in some air deflectors to direct the air wherever it’s needed. Close the vent to direct airflow around the fairing or open the vent to maximize airflow on hot days.


Windshields are another great idea for cool-weather riding.

There is something for every model, from the lean and agile Sportster® family to the fully-loaded Touring line of motorcycles. Consider the Quick-Release Detachable Windshields, which offer the maximum in style and convenience.

They feature windshield mounts that attach to the fork tubes with elegant die-cast lever-release clamps so the windshield doesn’t require any ‘leave behind docking hardware. No tools are required and the kit comes with everything you need.


Motorcycles can be ridden safely even if the temperature drops into the single digits Fahrenheit, but we recommend against such extreme conditions. Even after taking the steps listed above, the risk of frostbite increases significantly as temperatures drop.

When the temperatures drop to a point where you are unable to ride regularly, it is important to protect your investment with proper maintenance and winterization storage.


Many riders keep their Harley® motorcycles at home, diligently caring for it themselves, while others entrust their bikes to our dependable dealership experts for storage during the winter months.

Whatever your preference on winter storage for your motorcycle, we have a range of products catered for you to ensure that your Harley motorcycles is kept in optimum condition, no matter where it is parked.

Surface Care

Only Genuine Harley-Davidson® Genuine Parts and Accessories are designed, tested, and manufactured to the same specification as those that came with your bike.

This covers everything from cloths and cleaning products through to our tires and batteries. Not only are they evaluated individually against their design specifications but also on the test track as part of the complete motorcycle.

You ride to get more out of life, so take care of all the passion, precision and expertise that built your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle by using the cleaning and service supplies made for it.

We understand how important a clean ride is to you. That's why we've formulated cleaning and care products designed specifically for H-D® surfaces and finishes.

Battery Care

Using a Genuine Harley-Davidson® smart charger means that your battery keeps its optimal charge when in storage. Harley-Davidson® Battery Tenders or Battery Chargers incorporate a microprocessor that reads battery voltage and adjusts charging output accordingly.

Motorcycle Covers

You should always cover your motorcycle to protect it from the elements – but not just any cover will do!

Non-breathable covers trap moisture, which increases the effects of corrosion. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle covers are designed to protect the bike while allowing corrosion-causing moisture to escape.

Insurance Policy

There is a common myth that riders should cancel their insurance policy once their bikes are stored. There are several reasons why this is furthest from the truth:

  • Theft: Believe it or not, according to The National Insurance Crime Bureau, 25% of all bike thefts occur during the winter months.

  • Unplanned Damage: Significant winter storms could bring about fire, fallen debris or even a collapsed roof that may result in a total loss.

  • State Registration Laws: There are many states that require continuous insurance coverage unless your license plate and registration are surrendered. This, alone, mitigates any incremental savings from cancellation.

Without a motorcycle insurance policy in place, you will not have protection for these potential losses.


Before you cover your motorcycle for the winter, remember that it's the perfect time to service your motorcycle. Don't leave it sitting in the garage when you could be getting it ready for your next ride by updating it with some new Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories. Get started now on any large-scale style and performance modifications that you want to complete before next spring.

A new paint set can quickly give your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle an entirely new look. It will get the attention and admiration of other riders and set your bike apart from the crowd instantly.

Or a new set of wheels to make it easily recognizable. Or get phatter forks in chrome or black to help refresh the look and feel of your bike. Bottom line, with these tips, your bike will be ready when the snow has melted and the days stay light a bit longer.