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The Open Road

It’s where we’d rather be. We’re sure you’d rather be there, too. But just in case
it’s raining and you can’t ride, we have some interesting stories to share.
For motorcycle riders, conspicuity is important. Learn how to stand out on the open road by making tweaks to your ride, your clothes, and your mindset.
As surprising as it sounds, the slow-speed tip-over accounts for most of the accidents at rallies, according to Ray Petry, project manager of the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy, who recently spoke to HOG® Magazine. Learn how to ride safely at rallies in and out of the crowds with these common-sense tips.

6 August, 2019
You know how it feels to ride. It’s an incredible and indescribable mixture of exhilaration and ease. It’s like an awake calm. Harley-Davidson recently commissioned researchers to see if they could put their finger on that feeling. Is it possible to scientifically prove that riding a motorcycle creates calm and happiness?

31 July, 2019
The only thing faster than his motorcycle is the shutter on his camera. Meet Josh Kurpius, a lifestyle motorcycle photographer. Forget the studio. Crisp and captivating, Josh’s pictures pierce the veil of H-D’s diverse and dynamic riding culture.

16 July, 2019
Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance is different. When the people who make the bike also insure it, you end up with a superior product, according to Bob Vogel of Z & M Harley-Davidson. Find out why Harley-Davidson insurance is gaining speed among riders.

25 June, 2019
The Litas is blowing up. In a short four years, the women’s motorcycle community has grown to 8,000 strong and spans 30 countries and 250 cities. Women around the world are tapping into their love of motorcycles to break down their walls, face their fears, and live their most authentic lives. Find out why The Litas is one of the most popular women’s riding groups storming the open road.

18 June, 2019
One Harley-Davidson® dealer is providing more than motorcycles. It’s cultivating community. Come inside “The Bunker,” a rallying point for bikers and their families built by Harley-Davidson® Chattahoochee. The concert space is one facet of a larger strategy to make the dealer a destination point.

11 June, 2019
The thought of renting a motorcycle might have never crossed your mind, but renting makes a lot of sense in certain situations. You can even apply your Harley-Davidson® insurance to your rental with vacation coverage. Learn why riders who rent ride more.

16 April, 2019
Some motorcycle insurance providers see motorcycle riders as a liability. Harley-Davidson sees them as an opportunity to grow the H.O.G. family. You can see the difference in the generous discounts that Harley-Davidson offers. Learn how racking up the discounts knocked down the price for a millennial on a budget.

27 February, 2019
The future of motorcycle riding is female, according to new data from the Motorcycle Industry Council. As a wave of women riders enters the sport, the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists is working to make motorcycle riding more accessible to women. Learn how they’re paving an open road for women riders.

12 February, 2019