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The Open Road

It’s where we’d rather be. We’re sure you’d rather be there, too. But just in case
it’s raining and you can’t ride, we have some interesting stories to share.
Overtaking is a circumstance so common to riding and driving that it might seem mundane. It’s not. Here are seven strategies for passing safely on a motorcycle.
A pig wasn’t the only animal on the track with H-D! Learn more about the other photogenic animals found in the Harley-Davidson mascot archives.

2 November, 2020
No matter what type of bike you own, you are going to want insurance. Luckily, Harley-Davidson has a lot of insurance options.

16 October, 2020
Linda Dugeau and Dot Robinson made motorcycle history when they formed the Motor Maids, the oldest running motorcycling organization for women in North America. Learn more!

15 October, 2020
Winterize your motorcycle with ease with these storage tips and best practices.

14 October, 2020
While there are many travel and riding apps available for Smartphone users, these five useful apps can take your road trip to the next level. Learn more!

9 October, 2020
Harley-Davidson Service Consultants and Technicians are highly trained professionals. Here’s what you can expect when you take your bike to a dealer for maintenance or repair.

2 October, 2020
Learn more about Gertrude Hoffman, a world-famous Vaudevillian entertainer and an early influencer of Adam’s California Fruit Gum and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

30 September, 2020
Discover the history behind the most recognized photo in Harley-Davidson® history involving a member of the factory racing team, a Coke, and a six week old piglet.

29 September, 2020
Taking a course is the best way to learn how to ride a motorcycle at slow speeds, but this multi-step approach to maneuvering slowly in tight spaces will help. Learn more!

28 September, 2020
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