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The Open Road

It’s where we’d rather be. We’re sure you’d rather be there, too. But just in case
it’s raining and you can’t ride, we have some interesting stories to share.
No matter what type of bike you own, you are going to want insurance. Luckily, Harley-Davidson has a lot of insurance options.
It has become THE iconic image of the Harley-Davidson Museum and has made a lasting impression on hundreds of thousands for visitors. Learn more about the man behind the monument.

10 April, 2020
Are you the proud owner of a new motorcycle or, perhaps, thinking about buying a bike? The experience can be intimidating but incredibly rewarding. These tips will help.

3 April, 2020
Many of us have never had back problems, and we want to keep it that way. Discover how ergonomic fit, riding position, and preventative measures can prevent back pain and stiffness.

2 April, 2020
Riding is one of life's peak enjoyments, but it's not without risk. Luckily, risk can be minimized with protective gear. Stay safe and comfortable with this guide!

1 April, 2020
“America the Beautiful” - there’s no better way to see that beauty than by driving the USA’s roads during a motorcycle event or rally. Get the full list here!

20 February, 2020
The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, in its 80th year, is one of the world’s top destinations for motorcycle enthusiasts. Here is everything you need to know.

14 February, 2020
Excited to attend the 79th annual Daytona Bike Week? Get all the important details from key dates, events and rides to tips for food and places to stay.

6 February, 2020
LEGO®s, Christmas, and Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. What could make you happier? This post is sure to bring out your inner child.

19 November, 2019
Harley-Davidson Insurance Services is offering a new military discount for active military and veterans! To celebrate, the Open Road blog is launching a series of posts to tell the rich stories of the long-standing relationship between the military and motorcycles. In this post, we tell wartime stories of the Harley-Davidson® J Series motorcycles.

1 November, 2019
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